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East Jersey Under the Proprietary Governments
by William A. Whitehead
Republished from the original 1846 edition -
(PDF 2.8Mb, 270pp, illustrated)
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Whitehead''s "East Jersey" is now rarely seen, but is the most frequently-cited source for information relating to the colonial period prior to 1702. Drawing upon original manuscripts and pamphlets, the author preserves a detailed account of the first settlers of the eastern division of Berkeley and Carteret's grant from the Duke of York. The work concentrates on the development of the communities of Perth Amboy and Pisctaway, as well as the exploration and development of lands up the Raritan River and around Shrewsbury. Other settlements (mostly old Dutch communities) are mentioned, but largely ignored.

Of particular interest is the inclusion of George Scot's "The Model of the Government of the Province of East Jersey in America" in its entirety - apparently for the first time since its original printing in 1685. This important work supported the efforts of the Scots proprietors of East Jersey to recruit planters, apprentices, tradesmen, merchants and servants to the New World. The text includes letters written by the first Scots settlers which describe New Jersey as a wonderful alternative to Scotland.

Whitehead also wrote a supplement to this volume, "Contributions to the Early History of Perth Amboy," which details the history of the area until the American Revolution and somewhat beyond.

As the original edition is among the most sought-after of published Jerseyana, this masterfully-published eBook edition will be especially welcome to students of New Jersey history.

New Jersey in the Colonial Wars
by Richard W. Parker
Republished from the 1921 New Jersey Historical Society -
(PDF 0.3Mb, 22pp)
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History of New Jersey's involvement in military adventures prior to the Revolution:

  • King William's War (1688-98)
  • Queen Anne's War (1702-13)
  • Cartagena Expedition (1740)
  • French War (King George's War 1744-49)
  • French and Indian War (1754-63)
  • Havana Expedition (1762)
  • Treaty of Paris 1763.

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Colonial America Europe American Revolution New Jersey Other Titles