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Digital Antiquaria - Morristown, NJ

Visit PayPalDigital Antiquaria was one of PayPal's first accounts. In January 2001 we were awarded PayPal's first debit card (card number 0001). We'd been watching closely for a micropayments processor to emerge, and when PayPal appeared, we knew they had what the market wanted. And when PayPal began to develop specialized micropayment products, we were among the first to test them. You're going to have a PayPal account sooner or later. Let us show you how it can work for you.

Personal Use

Innovative Uses

Business Use

PayPal's new debit card is ideal for carrying around small amounts of buying power. My son gets his allowance on one!

No more checks or money orders for online auctions and merchants.

PayPal for PaymentsLocal utility and tax payments coming later this year.

PayPal to DonateHelp a community service organization raise money - a pre-configured PayPal icon on their website or in an e-mail message makes a contribution just a click away.

Collect fees and invoices by e-mail.

Accept Credit Card Payments on your website.

Over 6 million users know that PayPal is the secure and reliable way for buyers to pay them online. PayPal for BusinessGive your buyers a good customer experience and save yourself time and money.

Try this.

Make PayPal a central feature of your publishing or website project!