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Tom Quick, the Avenger of the Delaware, devoted his life to exterminating the few remaining Indians in northeast Pennsylvania. As one of the great icons of American folklore, his exploits were the common fare of fireside storytellers and cracker-barrel old-timers. Today, Tom Quick is virtually forgotten. Political correctness recently motivated his hometown of Milford, PA to dismantle the handsome monument over his remains and replace it with an apologetic plaque. References to him have been eliminated from almost every local history.

Tom Quick, The Indian Slayer
And the Pioneers of Minisink and Wawarsink
by James E. Quinlan
Originally published 1851 - (PDF 1.04Mb, 152pp)
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This book is the original biography of Tom Quick, published in 1851. It contains virtually every tale associated with the craft and cunning of Tom Quick, as well as many narratives relating to the early settlers of the upper Delaware Valley. Of special interest to historians are the chapters devoted to the Battle of Minisink during the American Revolution.

Do not confuse this with the abridged version, published in 1894, which lacks several key chapters, footnotes and the Appendix.

Tom Quick, Legend of the Delaware
by William Bross
Republished from the illustrated 1887 edition - (PDF 1.67Mb, 119pp)
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A century ago, Tom Quick was a towering figure in American lore and legend - a crafty hunter bent on revenge and retribution. In recent years, his name and exploits have been denigrated, especially in his home town of Milford, PA. - a victim of modern political correctness.

The author, like so many others in the Delaware Valley, claims descent from the pioneer Quick family. He wrote this novel as a tribute to his ancestor at about the same time that he erected a monument over Tom Quick's remains.

In addition to a lively account of Tom Quick's exploits during and after the French and Indian War (1755-1763), the author has also appended a sketch of the Winfield Family, essays on Immortality and Punishment, an account of Illinois' ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, rationalization of commercial crises, and praise for Stanley's recent explorations of "The Dark Continent."

Legends of the Shawangunk
by Philip H. Smith
Republished from the original 1887 edition - (PDF 2.13Mb, 209pp)
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The author has drawn on a variety of sources to present a history of the Shawangunk region (pronounced "Shon-gum") and its early settlers. Like so many 19th century local histories, this blood-soaked account of Indian rampages and depredations preserves the glory days of the colonial era. Accounts of the Esopus Wars, Huguenot settlers, Tom Quick, Indian massacres, Catherine DuBois, the Battle of Minisink, and other important events of the colonial and Revolutionary era are presented with spirit and style. The book also preserves a variety of tales relating to important regional landmarks, such as Sam's Point, The Traps, and New Paltz. There are about a dozen original illustrations.

This masterfully crafted eBook faithfully preserves the 1887 edition in its entirety, including illustrations and footnotes which have been eliminated from modern reprints.

A Minisink Double Wedding
by Charles E. Stickney
Republished from the original 1902 edition - (PDF 5.7Mb, 115pp)
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This rarely-seen work was originally published by "The Wantage Recorder," a local newspaper serving the upper reaches of northwest New Jersey. Subtitled "A Story of an Old Minisink Village Between the Minisink Indian War of 1754-8, and the French and Indian War of 1763-5," this love story revolves around the courtship of Freme and Bethune Courtright, sisters who live on a typical frontier farm a few miles south of what is now the town of Port Jervis. Their suitors are local boys Mark VanTuyle, Lem VanZandt, but Bethune falls for a curious Frenchman named Antoine Dutot. The action mostly takes place along the Old Mine Road, and on several occasions, Tom Quick, "The Avenger of the Delaware," makes an auspicious appearance.

As the original edition is among the most sought-after of published Jerseyana, this masterfully-published eBook edition finally makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a fine tale from New Jersey's colonial frontier.

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