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~ Maj. Robert Rogers~
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Journals of Major Robert Rogers
Republished from the rare 1885 Hough edition -
(PDF 1.7Mb, 205pp)
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Major Robert RogersMajor Robert Rogers (1732-1795) was the first great folk hero of British North America. Born to a poor farmer in what is now New Hampshire, Rogers had little education, but was a natural leader of men - men who would do anything for him.

Called to duty at the beginning of the French and Indian War, Rogers created a corps of woodsmen to scout the forests around Lake George (New York). In this vast wilderness, they ambushed raiding parties, took prisoners to gain intelligence about French troop movements, and earned a high reputation for bravery, endurance, and cunning. Rogers' greatest achievement was a grueling expedition to wipe out the Abenaki Indians at St. Francis - immortalized in the book Northwest Passage (as well as the movie, starring Spencer Tracy, of the same name).

As a popular war hero, Major Robert Rogers was commissioned to accept the surrender of the French outposts in the Great Lakes, and to establish a permanent post at Fort Detroit. His journals, and the appendices, go into considerable detail about the complications which led to his downfall.

Rogers' Journals were originally published in 1765, only a few years after the British won the war and France surrendered almost all of her North American holdings. This eBook is the 1885 Hough edition of Rogers' Journals, which has never been republished. It was edited by one of the foremost authorities on colonial New York history, and the substantial volume of footnotes testifies to his vast knowledge of geography, politics, and military history. It is a major improvement over the old Stark edition. It also contains extensive appendices which detail Rogers' efforts at Detroit as well as the circumstances surrounding his return to the colonies during the American Revolution.

This PDF edition presents the Journals of Major Robert Rogers and its appendices in its entirety. The presentation is in portrait orientation; footnotes appear on the pages in which they are referenced; the file is fully-searchable and fully-printable (205 pages). Additional material, including maps, photos, and other relevant supporting documents are downloadable.

Colonial America Europe American Revolution New Jersey Other Titles